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Vascular Malformations


Arteriovenous malformations or AVM (aka Vascular malformations) are congenital developmental anomalies of blood vessels. Vascular malformations present in different ways depending on whether they are predominantly

  • arterial,

  • venous or

  • lymphatic.


Vascular malformations may occur in the central nervous system, but can appear in any part of the body. 

AVM is not generally an inherited disorder but may be part of an hereditary syndrome.


Although many AVMs are asymptomatic (stable and painless), they can go periods of growth stimulated by

  • Infancy

  • Puberty

  • Pregancy

  • Trauma

  • Spontaneous


During growth phases they can cause; 

  • Pain (acheing or intense local pain)

  • Bleeding or

  • replacement of useful tissue by the AVM leading to serious medical problems


Diagnosis can be difficult since they are very rare and may mimic more common disorders. 

A careful history at consultation and examination with diagnostic scanning (Duplex and MR) is required to assess and discuss treatment options/risks.


Treatment depends on the individual presentation, history and needs.

If active treatment is appropriate then embolo- sclerotherapy with sclerosants such as Polidocanol, STD or absolute alcohol may be contemplated.

Surgery may also have a role.



























For more information see the Patient Information & Aftercare Sheet - Click HERE

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