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Frequently Asked Questions 

Our central consulting rooms are at 116 Harley St, part of The London Clinic  tel:020 7616 7795


Treatments are also carried out at

The Portland Hospital for Women, W1

UCLH, London NW1

The Royal Free Hospital, NW3

Bayview Hospital, Bridgetown, Barbados

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins develop when the one-way valves of the (saphenous) leg veins fail to prevent back-flow of blood. This happens when the vein walls become stretched and the valve is no longer able to close properly. As a result there is pooling of blood in the leg veins near to the skin, which become visible as bulging blue or purple veins. The stretching of the veins causes aching and pain especially when standing up for long periods. 

Why is laser treatment better than traditional surgery?

Classic "strip" surgery for varicose veins involves dissecting down onto the veins (cutting). Open wounds heal by 'angiogenesis', new vessel growth, exactly what you dont want when you are trying to eradicate unwanted veins. Endothermal laser ablation cauterises the veins from within, with no cutting. The vein heals naturally with no angiogenesis. The longterm recurrence rate for surgery is 30+% at 5 years and only 5% for EVLT. 

The immediate recovery rate for surgery is 3-6 weeks.

Back to work at 24hrs for Endothermal laser treatment.

NICE recognises that the optimal treatment for varicose veins is Endothermal laser treatment (July 2013)

What are the prices for treatments at the Harley Vein Centre?

We don't publish a list of prices for our treatments as each procedure is tailored to the requirements of each individual, based of a thorough initial assessment.  However, our charges are competitive with other clinics while including the necessary additional services such as duplex assessment, and aftercare services that are often not included in the headline rates advertised by some other clinics. With the Harley Vein Centre you can relax knowing you are receiving treatment from a one of the most experienced and expert specialists in the world.


Phone directly or email for confidential pricing information relevant to you

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